Live your Life Dream harder!

Inspired by dreamers and fantasists, explorers and inventors, wild kids and good kids, ice cornet crunchers and hot dog munchers, prizewinners and daydreamers – in other words, CHILDREN – five flies creates street-wear for boys and girls aged 2 – 14. Prints children love, with plenty of attention to detail, are the highlight of our ultra-soft cotton t-shirts, hoodies and sweat jackets, which are produced exclusively in Portugal.
Little individualists who believe in magic and fantasy, suck up life like a sponge, and can’t be neatly classified are sure to love these pieces.
The five flies label – inspired by children around the world – is the brainchild of Kathrin and Matthias Hinz, who applied their many years of experience as a designer and business manager, respectively, to create the brand in 2011.

Hinz family